Modern allopathic medicine vs. Herbal medicine

Is there room for modern and natural medicine in a self-healing lifestyle?

Modern allopathic medicine offers amazing crisis intervention, with techniques and procedures to treat serious injuries and life-threatening illnesses, and it can aid with early detection of disease.

Herbal medicine, on the other hand, offers supreme preventative care, encourages self-healing and self-care, works with the whole body, and restores and replenishes the body’s own systems. Herbs nourish the deep inner ecology of our systems on a cellular level. Having evolved with them for millions of years, our bodies have an innate familiarity with herbs and plants; we breathe the air they create through photosynthesis, eat the food they provide for us, and drink in the beauty they create around us.

Both may seem at odds with one another but, in fact, are complementary and together are quite compatible. We don’t have to choose between the two, I believe there are a time and place for both forms of healing. Understanding your own body and knowing there is no “magic pill” or one thing that will “fix” you is important to keep in mind. Depending less on what man makes and more on what nature makes is the best option but can’t always be achieved depending on your specific situation. 

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